Beth Mardutho Projects

Current Projects:

The Syriac Encyclopedia

The project aims at producing a comprehensive encyclopedia on all aspects of Syriac studies. The project is being approached in a modular manner in order to make the encyclopedia available as content is written. The first volume, The Gogias Encyclopedic Dictionary of the Syriac Heritage (2011), concentrates on Syriac literature with articles on place names, personalities, and various themes. It is edited by Sebastian P. Brock, Aaron Butts, George Kiraz, and Lucas Van Rompay. This volume consists of over 600 articles written by more than 70 scholars.

Index of Notable Persons in the Syriac Tradition

In the summer of 1982, George Kiraz begain the ambitious project of creating an index of important persons from the Syriac tradition that would eventually lead to the publication of an encyclopedia of their biographies. The information he collected was eventually transferred to a set of index cards, which George has retained for over two decades, waiting for the opportunity to publish the information in a useful format.

This summer (2011), Emilee Walker Cornetta, a student at Princeton Theological Seminary and intern at Beth Mardutho, used George's index cards to create and publish the Index of Notable Persons in the Syriac Tradition within Select Arabic Sources: an adaptation of G. Kiraz's catalogue at the Beth Mardutho Research Library. This index provides the names (in Arabic along with transliteration or Latin equivalent) of the persons from George's catalogue and includes brief citations for references to each person in modern (primarily Arabic) sources.

As the Encyclopedia of the Syriac Tradition continues to expand, the information in this catalogue will be incorporated in order to provide a more comprehensive view of the entire Syriac tradition.

eBethArké: The Syriac Digital Library - Stage II

eBethArkéis an expanding digital repository of books, journals, archives, photos and audio pertaining to Syriac studies and related subjects Stage II consists of digitizing a collection of Armenian, Christian Arabic, Coptic, Ethiopic, and Byzantine Greek resources from the esteemed library of the Catholic University of America, which maintains the largest collection of sources pertaining to Eastern Christianity in North America. Beth Mardutho is currently in the process of seeking partners to join with us in order to finance the digitization of these rare and valuable resources. 

Completed Projects

eBethArké - Stage I

eBethArké stage I consisted of digitizing over 600 titles pertaining to Eastern Christian Studies from the Catholic University of America and collecting over 2,000 eBook titles from other sources. These resources will soon be available through the new eBethArké web interface.

Meltho OpenType Fonts

The project produced over 20 OpenType Syriac fonts in Estrangelo, Serto, and East Syriac. The fonts support Garshuni, Neo-Aramaic, and Christian Palestinian Aramaic. The fonts are available as a free download from our downloads page.