The Beth Mardutho Research Library

The Beth Mardutho Research Library was established in 2010. The library currently consists of the following collections:

  1. The George A. Kiraz Collection (on loan) which consists of ca. 5,000 items:
    1. 4,000 books
    2. 15 unique manuscripts
    3. 1,000 audio recordings
    4. 300 old photos
    5. 200 letters
    6. 30 Pre-1800 books
  2. The Abrohom Nuro Collection which consists of ca. 1,000 volumes:
    1. 1,000 books
    2. 14 unique manuscripts
  3. The Edward G. Mathews collection (on loan) which consists of ca. 6,000 volumes in various fields of academic study:
    1. Patristics and Early Christian History
    2. Orthodox Christian Studies
    3. Armenian Studies
    4. Classics
  4. Many titles published by Gorgias Press, SEERI, and Bar Hebraeus Verlag
  5. Plus a large digital collection of books, manuscripts, audio and video files, etc. available from the eBethArké portal.


Beth Mardutho has recently signed an agreement with Rutgers University Libraries, which will provide benefits and resources for both institutions, including the housing of some of BM's rare materials in Rutgers' library. You can read more about this agreement here.



Retired scholars who whish to bequest their collections to the library are encouraged to contact George A. Kiraz for arrangement. Two scholars have already promised their collections to the library.