Hugoye Symposium IV: Syriac and the Digital Humanities

March 6, 2015

Hosted by:

Beth Mardutho Research Library, Piscataway, N.J.
Rutgers University Libraries
Rutgers Department of African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literature
Rutgers Center for Middle Eastern Studies The Syriac Reference Portal, Vanderbilt University

Alexander Library, Scholarly Communication Center (4th Floor)

169 College Avenue, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901

 This event will be live streamed for free, thanks to the support of Rutgers Libraries. Live stream can be accessed at the link here:


Friday, March 6: Public Symposium

10:00 AM      Symposium Opening
                    Welcome address by Charles Häberl, (AMESALL Department Chair)
                    RUL welcome address by Lila Fredenburg, Executive Director of Administrative Services
                    DH at RU Library by Francesca Giannetti (Digital Humanities Librarian)
                    Beth Mardutho Address (George A. Kiraz)


First Mawtbā / Dīwān: Syriac Digital Libraries I
Chair: Ute Possekel, Harvard University

10:30 AM      The Syriac Corpus, Kristian Heal (Brigham Young University)
11:00 AM      eBethArké, Grace Agnew & Isaiah Beard (Rutgers University)
11:30 AM      Electronic Critical Editions of Syriac Texts, James Walters (Princeton Theological Seminary)

12:00 PM      Lunch

Second Mawtbā / Dīwān: Syriac Digital Libraries II
Chair: Francesca Gianetti, Rutgers University

1:00 PM      Comprehensive Bibliography on Syriac Christianity, Daniel Salem (The Hebrew University)
1:30 PM      eKtobe, A Portal for Syriac Manuscripts, Andre Binggeli (CNRS, France)
2:00 PM      vHMML, OLIVER, & Reading Room, Columba Stewart (Hill Museum & Manuscript Library)
2:30 PM Linking Data from the Syriac Heritage, David Michelson (Vanderbilt University) 

3:00 PM      Coffee Break

Third Mawtbā / Dīwān: Digital Tools for Historical Research
Chair: Maria Doerfler, Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

3:15 PM      The Cult of the Saints, Sergey Minov (University of Oxford) -- This presentation will not be streamed online.
3:45 PM      Gateway to the Syriac Saints, Jean-Nicole Mellon Saint-Laurent (Marquette University)
4:15 PM      SPEAR: Syriac Persons Events and Relations, Daniel Schwartz (Texas A&M University) -- This presentation will not be streamed online.

4:45 PM      Coffee Break

Fourth Mawtbā / Dīwān: Tools for Syriac Digital Philology
Chair: Charles Häberl, Rutgers University

5:00 PM      What can we learn from Image Pixels? Image Processing of Dictionaries (for SEDRA) and Text Editions (for OCR),                          George Kiraz (Beth Mardutho)
5:30 PM      The SEDRA 4 Database, A Syriac Lexical Resource, James Bennett (Beth Mardutho)
6:00 PM      Prospects for Syriac OCR, James Prather (Abilene Christian University)

6:30 PM      Adjourn

7:00 PM      Dinner for Presenters


Saturday, March 7: Private Workshop

A digital workshop for collaborators on will be held on the day following the Symposium. Interested participants should contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for further details.



Parking and Map:


The image of the map below shows the location of Alexander Library. If you are driving, there are three areas where conference attendees may park without a permit: Rutgers Lot 26, Lot 30, and the College Avenue Deck. The College Avenue deck is right beside Alexander library, but it is only accessible from George St., directly behind the library. So, to access this parking garage, simply drive around the block from College Ave. to George St. and find the entrance to the garage.